A Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Judge recently acquitted Evan’s and Co-Counsel Joe Landusky’s client on one count of Drug Possession, a Felony of the First Degree. If convicted, the client faced a minimum sentence of three years in prison. Joe and Evan successfully argued that their client had no knowledge of drugs found…


A Franklin County Common Pleas Court Judge has acquitted Evan’s and his co-counsel Gregg Slemmer’s client on three charges, including two counts of murder. The primary issue in the case was self-defense (of a residence), and Evan and Gregg successfully argued over a two day bench trial this week that Ohio’s “Stand Your Ground” law…

Make it Official!

Jeff is proud to officially welcome Evan to be of counsel to the firm, after his swearing in to the bar by the Honorable Judge Mark Serrott.

JML Co. LPA Files Class Action Against Campus Landlord

Columbus Attorneys Jeffrey M. Lewis (Jeffrey M. Lewis Co., LPA) and Todd Neuman (Allen Stovall Neuman & Ashton LLP) announced that they have filed a Class Action lawsuit against NorthSteppe Realty Company, a major Columbus Ohio residential property management company that is also a well-known OSU campus-area landlord. The attached Complaint, filed in the Franklin…

We’re Expanding, Again!

Mr. Lewis is pleased to announce that his son, Evan J. Lewis, is joining the firm as a law clerk while studying for the Bar Exam in July. After the exam, Evan plans to practice alongside his father and sister, focusing on litigation and trial work. Evan is a recent graduate of The Ohio State…

Lew on the Law

The youngest Lewis has started a new blog, focusing on the intersection of the law and politics. His first post, concerning democratic legitimacy, can be found below. His views are his own, and do not necessarily represent the views of the JML, Co. firm.

We’re Expanding!

Mr. Lewis is excited and pleased to announce that on September 1, 2019, his daughter, Haley K. Lewis, Esq. joined the firm as Of Counsel. She will focus her practice on business consultation and litigation as well as Appellate advocacy. Welcome Haley!

Justices Step In, Command ‘Rare’ Case Dismissal

Successfully sued Franklin County Court of Appeals in the Ohio Supreme Court, obtaining writs of prohibition and mandamus ordering Court of Appeals to dismiss an appeal filed by a vexatious litigator.

$900k-plus Civil Verdict Issued

Obtained a nearly One Million Dollar verdict in a civil fraud case arising from his client’s being defrauded in conjunction with purchase of a Canton, Ohio insurance agency.

Deal on Arena Taxes Reached

Successfully represented City of Columbus in Arena District Tax valuation case, exploiting contractual oversight by large firm representing Nationwide Realty Investors and enabling settlement of property tax case filed by School Board with substantial financial contribution by Nationwide.

Selling Emerald Farms (Twice)

Obtained a Temporary Restraining Order for developer client preventing landowner from breaching land sale contract, enabling development of one of the most sought-after land parcels in central Ohio.

Chairmanship List Narrows

Was the rumored heir-apparent for the position of Chairman of the Franklin County Democratic Party before deciding against taking said position.

Horse Facility in Question

Successfully overturned Trial Judge’s decision, securing exemption from state building code and enabling client to construct horse training facility without sprinkler system.