The Firm

The Law Firm of Jeffrey M. Lewis Co., LPA is proud to serve the legal needs of business associations and individuals within and beyond the Central Ohio community. Jeffrey M. Lewis has over 40 years of legal experience, and offers expertise in a broad range of legal practice areas. Bringing to the table strong transactional experience, he keenly understands the value of being an advocate for his clients. Advancing and protecting the interests of his clients is an overriding goal – whether in negotiating a transaction, resolving disputes through alternative means, litigation before a judge or jury, or representation in front of elected governmental bodies or administrative agencies. A former “big-firm” lawyer, Mr. Lewis became frustrated at seeing clients subjected to impersonal treatment and pedestrian approaches (which often included assigning and charging fees for three lawyers to do the job of one), leading him to  form his own firm in 2006. His belief that the practice of law one of the original three “professions” is what distinguishes the law firm of Jeffrey M. Lewis Co., LPA from many other firms, large or small. 

Mr. Lewis believes professionalism, integrity, and accountability are fundamental, and that the practice of law according to the highest ethical and moral standards is an obligation that he owes not only to his clients, but also to the legal system. He works hard to deliver outstanding value in the services he provides, and considers it a privilege to represent those who have chosen to call him their legal counsel. Crossing the desk to view and understand issues, concerns, objectives, and goals from the client’s perspective is one of the traits that differentiates Jeffrey M. Lewis Co., LPA. Mr. Lewis places the highest value and honor in the attorney client relationship, and feels that such a relationship that reflects a mutual sense of caring and respect is most highly rewarding to both him and his clients.

He is able to advise clients from the perspective of, and with a knowledge base earned through, a combination of superior legal training and “in the trenches” experience. Helping his clients achieve their personal and professional goals often requires application of thought and creativity – an effort and commitment beyond “routine.” He views giving advice as more than simply informing his clients of where they stand on legal issues. His clients frequently call him for personal, non-legal advice which is especially gratifying as it demonstrates a level of trust and confidence in him by his clients that makes him proud to be called “counselor.”

Whether laying the foundation of/for a new venture; advocating positions in negotiations or in the courtroom, council chambers, Statehouse, or other venue; helping to refine or redefine the goals of a well-established endeavor; dealing with the prosecutor in criminal, drunk driving, traffic, or other matters; or simply getting the matter resolved or concluded, Jeffrey M. Lewis Co., LPA is an invaluable partner for the business client and the business community.